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Receipt and distribution

Ghanstock has a 24,000m3 capacity tanks for storing gasoil. These tanks have state of the art equipment like automatic tank gauging system for monitoring product movement. The SCADA system controls the entire system to ensure safety during operations.

The tanks can receive product directly from the port which is about 4.5km away. They receive product at 400m3/h with 24h security on the pipelines.

For distribution, 4 pumps have been assigned to the 4 bays each delivering at the rate of 1,700l/min. with a extra pump for tank transfer

With regards to quality, floating suction device have been installed in the tanks to load gasoil from the surface of the product. Also filter plants have been installed to filter product before it reaches the loading bay. Lastly the final product is sent to the inhouse lab to check the particle count of the product before distribution.  


We offer bunkering services by transferring product to vessels at a rate of 250m3/h. There are 3 pumps ready to bunker clean product to vessels. 

Every product that enter the tanks has a quality certificate, which is made available for our clients.